Chronograph Booking

A Chronograph is a crucial component to audit/verify your projectile velocities. Additional information on the benefits and features of this device can be read up here.

Access to the Chronograph (Labradar) is available to all that visit the range - Members or qualified visitors.

To book the Chronograph for your shoot, please fill out the form below.  Details are as follows:


    •   £10.00 per session


    • To get your data (Velocities, etc) you must bring your memory card or use your Phone BT (must download the APP from your iOS/Android App Store).

SD card specs:

    • 32GB or less, SD or SDHC - No Micro cards.


    • The RCO/RSO will help set up the unit in the bay and show you the menus on the unit.


    Bring a charged USB Powerbrick with you as the range brick is not guaranteed to be charged.

The Firearm to be used needs to be accurately added below so as to know how to appropriately set up the unit.  A Micro-USB cable is always handy to power the unit.

Given that the unit has to be next to your muzzle - No Muzzle Breaks (it can damage the unit).

Please book the unit for the same time you have booked your Shoot - just by calling ahead or telling an RSO/RCO of your intentions.  This ensures that other shooters don't have expectations of use while you shoot.