The Facility is based in a railway tunnel that was used in the hay-day of coal mining in Wales, where the Barry Island Port used to be the main conduit of the precious commodity. Over the years, the railway traffic was reduced to only passenger use, and heavy industry at the port  was re-invented as a residential housing. The tunnel however has been converted into a shooting range by Assault Systems Ltd.

Within the entrance of the tunnel, the shop and member's lounge are separated from the firing range.  This area allows members to prepare for their shooting, while you get to catch up with friends.  What's great is to have knowledgeable members have their perspective on the sport and application - all the while having the facility to ready your firearm for shooting down range.  A firearm servicing station is also available for cleaning and maintenance.

The range spans 200meters straight, level and without wind.  It is rated up to .50cal. Target stations at 25m, 50m, 100m 150m and 200m give you the various challenges on hitting the target.  Making this the only .50cal 200m indoor range in the UK. Flood lights shine on the target areas to which you can clearly see what you are aiming at through your optics. The range is excellent for zeroing your optics given no elevation changes, no windage and a straight shot to the target. Practicing your skill is fostered by our safe and controlled environment and ability to shoot several times a week.

The facility aims to serve a wide range of shooters - from novice to professionals. New members will experience the basic firearms induction class and range instructions. Various functions/classes also take place at the facility catering to various disciplines of shooting.