Visitors are most welcome!

The requirements of a visitor are as follows:

1) Visitors arriving at the Tunnel during operating Club hours and in possession of a valid FAC license and proof of Insurance.
2) Visitors wishing to shoot are charged £30/hr (current hourly price) for a maximum of 3hrs.
2) Visitors are permitted to purchase items from the shop but they must produce a valid FAC License to purchase firearms, ammunition, and primers.
3) There is a maximum of 3 visits per visitor, additional visits can be arranged through membership. If you would like to know more, please enquire further HERE.
4) If you are needing to use a Chronograph, please do a separate booking HERE.

FAC Licence holders:

Bringing your own gear is a good idea - like ear defenders, your Rifle, Rifle Stand, Optics, and Ammunition (various off-the-shelf ammunition can be purchased on location).

Your rifle must arrive in its own bag/slip flagged (open breech), magazine detached (if applicable), and moderators welcome for larger calibers - The rifle must be listed on your FAC. Muzzle brakes are not encouraged for large calibers since it could be disruptive to neighbouring bays. Your rifle must be in good working order upon arrival.

Note:  You must carry your own insurance since you are not a member of the Phoenix Rifle club, and must provide proof upon entry along with your FAC.  Additionally, if your FAC is under police investigation for any reason, you will not be admitted to the range.

* = Fees paid towards visiting are not eligible to be applied towards membership or application fees.