Outdoor Comps

It is to be noted that some of our leaders take shooting to a whole new level when it comes to competitions. Dean Wallace, our Chairman, and winner of the 2013 FTR (3rd time winner); has a few medals accumulated over the years and is leading the effort to bring precision and a competitive spirit to our Phoenix Rifle Club members. To do this, competition targets and a 30BR are now "club equipment" for all members to get a feel of what a competition rifle, precision ammunition, and the right accessories such as an FTR Bipod can deliver amazing results at 100m or 200m.

Dean's Trophy Gallery

Dean's winning streak in 2023 was challenging, given his duties to the club and his competition schedule. However, the club is honoured to have his guidance among us, as well as having 2-3 more FTR competitors within the club. The dedication to the sport includes reloading to a high level of precision while acquiring knowledge and science of every aspect of the sport. By being consistent and having a good intuition at reading the wind - you can be ahead over your competitors.

Dean and Libby (The Comp .308)

Other competitors within our leaders are Dai Roper, GB Team winner. He's our Membership Chairman and also runs our induction training. Both Dai and Dean venture out and apply their art on other ranges and get the results.

A goofy grin from Mr. Roper - November 2022 - British Championships
He won with that rubber ring on the barrel!

To win competitions, it takes time and dedication with a massive level of consistency and OCD with your equipment and ammunition. The famous "Libby" (short for Liberacci) is still with us given that Dean has gone to FTR Open class. Libby still shoots like a laser, down The Tunnel and hopes to be venturing out again soon.

Libby on a Tunnel Bench getting zeroed

Next up for 2024 is the start of competition sorties with our champions and venture out from the ideal environment ("The Tunnel") where we can have a rifle zeroed with no Angle of Inclination (AoI), no wind, and consistent temperature/humidity. This is ideal to get your rifle to a perfect consistency with your ammunition, to then adjust your scope in the field.

Note - The first shooter at the bottom - is Dean Wallace, with Dai Roper behind him. F-Class Teams League - Team MXM - 2023

If you are looking to learn, apply yourself, and enjoy the sport with like-minded folks in South Wales, you might want to consider coming down to Barry Island and check us out. You can find us at The Tunnel.

Dean at Diggle Ranges with "Libby" in the foreground.

Blair Athol is another range where you can shoot from 300yards to 1200yards with a target frame of 3mx2m...