Wildcat Moderators and Praesidia gear

Hello there shooting folks!

With so many products out there, working with companies that stand behind their work, with a strong resolve and strive for customer service for you to enjoy your sport.  That is not easy to come by during a pandemic, but Wildcat and Praesidia are a matched pair of companies that stand out.

When you are looking for a product that delivers and performs over the years, and provide service and engineering to your needs... and sometimes, needs that are not off the shelf included.  Wildcat from UK Custom Shop have gone above and beyond consistently in making sure that the solution fits.  Alison Green, Trade Sales Manager at this outfit has been a great resource in determining the size, fit, function of the Predator 8 for my latest addition of a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5creedmoor.

I had dealt with the Wildcat folks before, where they assisted on my Predator 8 for my 300WinMag, while I also had a Predator 8 for my 308.  The trifecta of P8’s makes it simple to manage and interchange baffles as needed, all the while they are specific for each Calibre and barrel form factor/muzzle threads.  Easy to clean and maintain by well engineered design for serviceability.

With the specifications worked out with Alison, Chris Lloyd from our Shop ordered the unit, when it arrived was a perfect fit.  The goal was to have the back-tube cover the barrel up to the forend.  Some was for looks, but also to reduce recoil as much as possible.

Josh Banner, the Praesidia point man received an unusual request.  Red-on-black motif for a moderator cover, scope cover and ammunition wallet.  It helps protect the goods all the while liven up the theme from the usual camouflage or black themes that are usually offered.  Josh went outside of the usual sourcing, got the materials and got on it.  Shortly thereafter, the Ruger Precision was ready for the range to be zero’ed.  All done just in time for the reopening of the range.

Special thanks to Alison, Josh and Richard who did the work on the covers for an amazing job.  The rifle shoots like a tame kitten with great accuracy and will be enjoyed for years to come.  If you need advice, they are the team to engage with.  If you need the Shop to get it for you (RFD transfer, etc)  Chris Lloyd is there to sort it out, and get your details to them to fit your needs.

To reach out to Alison Green, Wildcat inquiries:  alison@wildcatmoderators.co.uk
For Josh Banner, Praesidia inquiries:  josh@wildcatmoderators.co.uk

To view all products (Moderators and Praesidia gear):  www.wildcatmoderators.co.uk

Anything else, you know how to reach us 🙂

Happy shooting everyone! Get that trigger finger a workout with the lockdowns lifted!